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Acorn Nursery


Our Nursery offers high quality Early Years Provision for 3 & 4 year olds in a purpose built setting, staffed by qualified teacher and Early Years Practicioner.. 

We are passionate about providing a happy, caring, safe and stimulating Early Years environment, in which the needs of individual children and their families are met.  

Our priority is to ensure children’s first experiences of care and learning, away from their home, are positive, fun and suitably challenging.  We believe that positive relationships between staff, parents and carers are fundamental to children’s future learning and development. We want our children to be proud of their achievements, excited about their learning experiences, respectful of each other and to understand the similarities and differences with families and cultures. 

Nursery Provision

The Nursery teacher and Early Years Practitioner act as key workers to support the children's learning and development during their time in Nursery. Staff are always willing to discuss any queries or problems you may have.

Talking with and listening to the children will feature greatly in our daily routine. We aim to build good relationships and to develop the children's self esteem, self-confidence and independence. When a child feels valued and respected, he or she in turn will value and respect others. 


Nursery Session Times