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Belton All Saints
Church of England Primary

Admission Arrangements 2020 - 2021

Belton All Saints Church of England Primary School is a Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School in the Diocese of Lincoln and is maintained by North Lincolnshire Local Authority. Historically, Anglican schools were parish schools providing education for the community in accordance with the principles of the Church of England. Lincoln Diocesan schools were therefore established to provide education for the children of the parish within a Christian context. The two aims of being “distinctively Christian” and “serving the local community” are reflected in the school’s admission criteria.

The Governing Body is the Admission Authourity and responsible for admissions. It is guided in that responsibility by the requirements of the law, the school trust deed, by advice from the Diocesan Board of Education and its duty to the community. The admission number (PAN) for the school is 32.

Parents should consult the information on the North Lincolnshire Council Website which gives full details of the admissions process.

Parents will need to complete the Common application form, including a supplementary form, to be considered for a place at our School. The forms should be returned to the Local Authority (or completed online) in line with the timetable set out in the published information.

Once applications are received by the Local Authority, details of all applicants are passed to the Governing Body. In the event of the school being oversubscribed, places will be allocated inline with the policy.

Information about in-year transfers is also available via the link above.

There is a separate policy covering admission into our nursery click here for more information

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