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E-Safety - Digital Safeguarding

The Internet is now an integral part of our lives and an excellent source of information, entertainment and communication opportunities for us all. However, it is essential that we teach our children how to make the best use of this resource whilst knowing about the risks. Children need to be taught how to keep themselves safe, as well as understanding their responsibility to others, whilst using the internet. It is essential that as teachers, parents and carers we maintain an involvement in young children's internet use to guide, advise and when necessary set boundaries.

We hope that the following links will be of use to parents in raising awareness of the internet, its risks as well as helping to keep our children safe online. Please note that these sites are suggestions not recommendations.

Our e-safety policy is available in the Reports and Policies Section of this site.

'The Digital Universe of Your Children'

This site has a 3 minute animation tackling the key parental concern of 'Who are my kids talking to online?' It provides practical tips for parents to help their child stay safe. Tip sheets are also avaliable on a range of issues eg Online reputation

The “Thinkuknow” website is brought to you by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre. You may have seen some of their video clips on National TV.

There’s a lot of information here for both children and adults – parents even have their own area of the site.This site is used by teachers in school.

The KIds Smart website is an excellent resource for learning about e-safety. It has lots of tips on issues such as social networking and online gaming.

It is aimed at KS2 children but has lots of advice for parents and carers too.

The 'Know IT all' resources are now available on the Childnet International website. It has lots of useful information for parents and carers through interactive videos and presentations.

Follow the advice for primary schools to watch the adventures of Captain Kara and Winston's adventure as they learn about the S.M.A.R.T rules

Click to visit the Net Smartz Kids website for lots of e-safety activities.

          Roblox - A popular gaming site - A Guide for Parents

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